We strive to offer the best IT support, computer repairs and IT services for Home and Business in Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Kapiti Coast.

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Give the best computer support in Wellington and gain great, repeat customers!

Our ethos is to provide best IT support and IT consulting in Wellington. We appear to have succeeded and been rewarded with great, repeat customers using us for their computer support! September Newsletter  As of writing this, we get over 7,000 hits on our Web site EACH and EVERY month. Just google IT Support Wellington […]

the best computer support company. How are we better?

IT near U - IT support and services - Upper Hutt

How do we give the best IT service to you? It took us a mere eight weeks to shoot to the top of the Google rankings for the “best IT support company in Wellington”. We get over 7000 visits a month to our website. We are growing 50% each month. Why is this? Two main […]

IT NEAR U recommends Anyware Web Design & Marketing

IT NEAR U recommends Anyware Web Marketing https://youtu.be/x-RwkfTyqT8 LINK: Anyware Web Marketing & Design As IT business consultants, our focus is on making your business IT work better, work better for you, make you more productive, make you aware of new ways of doing things and weighing up the cost and productivity benefits of changing […]

a bit about how we do things at IT NEAR U LIMITED

IT near U - the computer support company near you

a bit about how we do things here at IT NEAR U LIMITED We are an ICT Business support consultancy as well as an experienced, premium residential IT on-site support company servicing home users.  We are IT consultants first, mobile tech support second. We don’t just fix an issue and walk away. We attempt to […]

we want you to buy the right computer hardware

IT NEAR U - computer hardware sales

we want you to buy the right computer hardware Our focus is NOT on selling you hardware. Our focus is on advising you on buying the correct equipment to do the job! We prefer you buy the right thing, even if it is from a major retailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWkpk7LJUo0 Many of the “on special” promotional deals […]

MEDIA: where have all the good IT guys gone?

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Apple event 8 March 2022 – all the new stuff & video

Apple Event March 2022 – all the announcements So, today at about 7am New Zealand time, Apple announced their latest gadgets and services. Personally, I was hoping for the new 27″ iMac and a 14″ MacBook Air, so it was a bit of a disappointment to me. They started talking about Apple TV’s new shows. […]