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Summary of Our Labour Rates

Labour Rates:

  1. Residential Labour Rates: $152 per hour for home mobile tech support services.
  2. Not-for-profit Organizations & Community Clubs: $152 per hour for home mobile tech support services.
  3. Supergold (Senior) Cardholder Rates: Discounted rate of $140 per hour for Supergold Cardholder (senior) customers.
  4. Business Labour Rates: $160 per hour for onsite Business IT Consulting.
  5. IT Sub-Contracting Services: Negotiable discounted rates are offered to technology partners for IT sub-contracting services.

Remote Support Rates:

  • The rates are the same as above, but sometimes a reduced minimum 15-minute fee is offered (see below) when a tech is available in the office, as there is no need to travel to the site.

Onsite Callouts & IT Consulting Labour Rate:

  • After the first hour, labour is billed in increments of 15 minutes.
  • For quick callouts of less than 15 minutes: Minimum call-out fee of $119.
  • Office admin tasks that require a technician/consultant: $50.
  • Remote assistance sessions of less than 15 minutes: Minimum service fee of $99.
  • Remote support calls of 15 minutes or more: Billed for a full hour.
  • Minor administration tasks (that don’t require a technician): $30

After-Hour Sucharges:

  • Sundays, Public Holidays – 100% Surcharge. ie. Double Labour Rate
  • Saturdays and after 8 am to 6 pm Work Hours – 50% Surcharge
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