Wellington's Transmission Gully is officially open!

Mobile Computer Techs rejoice!

For an IT consultant or mobile computer tech travelling up the coast, it’s always one of the worst trips, especially at about 4.00pm on any given day.

We’re hoping this will improve our computer service delivery to the Kapiti Coast.

We’re truly ecstatic to be able to service our customers in Paraparaumu and Waikanae easier. 

We intend on opening offices in a more central location like Porirua in the next few months, but for now this motorway opening is certainly a relief – even with the temporary reduced speed limit due to the increased risk of stone chips from loose gravel on the road surface.

Hopefully the reduced mobile reception and dead-spots won’t be too distracting and will be remedied soon.

Thanks to everyone involved in getting this sorted.

Now, if only they could fix the Melling Link interchange in Lower Hutt!