a bit about how we do things here at IT NEAR U LIMITED

We are an ICT Business support consultancy as well as an experienced, premium residential IT on-site support company servicing home users. 

We are IT consultants first, mobile tech support second. We don’t just fix an issue and walk away. We attempt to dig deeper get to the bottom of what caused it, try to prevent you from having the same issue again.

We embrace current technology and trends to collaborate, share information, and manage all our employees remotely, using the same preferred cloud services and communication software that we support our clients with.

We allocate techies to jobs based on skill level, not locality. If a techie is close to you, but does not have the necessary skills for your particular job or task, we will not waste your time. We will divert one to you that does.

For payment, all our mobile techs carry EFTPOS machines and we use an advanced job-tracking and time-management system to ensure our billing is fair and accurate.

We will render a complete report and invoice as soon as possible after the completion of each job. 

We carefully document the procedures, take note of any settings and configurations relevant to the job on our secure and encrypted knowledgebase system.