We strive to offer the best IT support, computer repairs and IT services for Home and Business in Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Kapiti Coast.

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Searching for a flexible, highly rewarding incentive-driven employment opportunity?

 Interested in changing your life, using your ICT skills, and earning an above-average income?

Earn a minimum of NZ$48,000 and (with our generous incentive structure
up to NZ$120,000 per year!

The more hours you bill, the more you put in, and the more you are paid.

We have a unique employment opportunity available to qualified, suitable candidates.

We have opportunities with a company car provided.

Our Business Consulting division is currently at maximum capacity.

As at 1st August 2022, we are only looking for qualified home mobile support techs.

We are currently in need of a “mobile service technician”, a “geek”, a “nerd”, a “tech”, an “IT guy” to take a bit of the more hardware and software error diagnosis, and installation and repair tasks/workload off our IT consulting team.

The remuneration package is negotiable based on skillset and each individual’s circumstances. A company vehicle may be included.

People skills and time management are critical. A good attitude and willingness to learn and improve skills are essential. You will not be micro-managed, so you need to be able to work on your own, unsupervised most of the time.

Our company is in a growth stage, so we really want people that are independent and don’t require much management and just get on with the jobs allocated to you. It is a time-flexible environment.

This is predominantly a residential and small-business end-user desktop support role. As your skills grow, this may change. You will be able to reach out to an experienced IT consultant and team leader as needed. We highly encourage self-study, certifications and skillset improvement.

You may notice a bit of duplication in skills and responsibilities below, but this is an attempt to give a general idea of the type of work that may be encountered. 


installing computer hardware and software systems,

installing and configuring Windows (XP, Vista,7,8,10,11) and Apple Mac operating systems

troubleshooting and resolving software and application issues,

desktop computer and notebook fault diagnosis, troubleshooting and problem solving,

understand the requirements for gaming, video editing, and CAD computers and be able to troubleshoot and build these units neatly.

understand home user cloud backup solutions and how they work, be able to set up a data backup and be able to do data reinstatement from backups, 

be able to do hard disk replacements, SSD upgrades, data transfer to new drives in desktop computers and notebooks,

troubleshooting and repairing Windows operating system software and common applications used in Windows.

trouble-shoot e-mail issues, set up and understand the common mail applications and recover e-mail data from old accounts or archives,

Be able to do a thorough, careful assessment of a computer, backup a customer machine, clear a drive completely and set up Windows from scratch re-instating all the client’s apps.

capable of recovering the data from a computer that is not booting, but the data is accessible, set up the computer from scratch and re-instate the data.

understand how a networking environment works, including router configuration, and consumer mesh network setup and understand how they work.

be able to trouble-shoot WiFi issues, installation and configuration,

have a good understanding of how computer networking works and how to diagnose and fix common issues.

understand the various types of broadband and how they work, diagnose common issues,

able to diagnose Windows operating system startup and application errors,

do desktop level printer diagnosis and troubleshooting, installation and configuration of printers and their software,

troubleshooting Apple Mac, iPhone, and Android devices, Understanding how the various cloud accounts tie together so that you can troubleshoot issues with e-mail, calendars, etc.

office (corporate) printer setup and trouble-shooting knowledge would be beneficial,

building and supporting customer devices (PCs, laptops, thin clients, printers, mobiles, tablets),

virus removal, data recovery assistance, data reinstatement,

nice to have: someone who understands Office 365 and how to set up, and integrate to ensure it is working properly


offering IT support on-site, off-site and over the phone,

moving customer offices, set up at new locations,

building productive working relationships with a variety of colleagues, clients, and suppliers,

continually innovating in your work environment,

ensuring efficient use of equipment, software, applications and advising and making recommendations to improve where necessary,

maintaining, cleaning or repairing equipment (not component level repair)

determining software and hardware requirements to provide solutions to problems,

downloading and installing appropriate software programs for customers,

troubleshooting and resolving network-related problems,

troubleshooting a variety of computer issues.

advertising our brand, growing the business (and your income earning potential) by being the best you can be.

We know that great people are essential for running a successful business. Our mobile support techs and business consultants have to be of the highest social, ethical and technical standards.

We seek out experienced, multi-talented people who are able to take a holistic, practical, cost-effective approach when presenting a solution to our clients.

Our hiring practices are based on a good attitude and demonstrable skills. We need to ensure that the people we hire are able and willing to help our customers as best as possible.

We reward hard work, performance, and effort. We believe in diversity of thought and proven ability.

We empower individuals who are willing to put in the effort to learn, to grow with us, and up-skill.

We are always open to considering people that have these attributes:

Think you have what it takes to join us?

You have the experience, the personality, the skills?

Send your detailed resume and any supporting documents in Adobe PDF format via e-mail to:

Please list any and all courses, qualifications and be honest about your abilities and capabilities.

Tell us about your experience and your level of expertise, work you’ve done, etc.

You will be tested thoroughly to see where you need improvement if accepted.

This process may take a while, so please be patient.

NOTE: As part of our vetting process and to ensure the safety, security and best possible service to our customers, you will need to have a valid driver’s license at all times. You agree to consent to criminal background checks, right-to-work immigration checks, background social media checks, as well as drug and alcohol checks at any time they are requested. You accept that you need to be fully vaccinated and adhere to any and all present as well as any future government-imposed mandates or requirements as a condition of employment.