Giving to Kittens, rather than business | the Kitten Inn

Kittens first, rather than business network/commerce memberships

In September 2023, we decided to forego Business Networks, Chamber of Commerce memberships as these are what, really? 

Fancy dinner parties, Bourgeoisie get-togethers promoting some big brand for the evening patting each other on the back?

What value do they really bring that we can’t read about on-line.

At IT NEAR U, we have never needed advertising.

We just work on word-of-mouth and have been astoundingly successful thus far.

So, as and when we can, we will be helping individual small charities for cats every now and then going forward.

We recently donated nine boxes of Whiska’s kitten food to the Kitten Inn in Kelson. 

They do good work. Go help them out!

IT NEAR U donation | Kitten In