We want you to buy the right computer hardware!

Our focus is NOT on selling you hardware. Our focus is on advising you on buying the correct equipment to do the job! We prefer you buy the right thing, even if it is from a major retailer.

Many of the “on special” promotional deals at most of the major retailers are quite often a few generations behind, old stock, or very low specifications compared to others. Call us before you buy! Don’t buy the wrong thing. Let us help.

We sell some items as well, sometimes we get the odd “good deal”, but our interest is in you buying the right thing, even if it means (often) referring you on to a big IT tech retailer, then installing, configuring, transferring your data, set things up correctly, ensuring everything is done correctly.

Labour, consulting, managing, advising your service and purchase are our primary goals.

We will advise on the best hardware for you to use to get the job done. We don’t have a particular preference for suppliers. We don’t believe in recommending “what happens to be on special with our supplier”.

We prefer to advise on the best item to do the job you need to be done, regardless of who supplies it.

Our primary business is service, namely labour in the form of advice and consulting.

Before you place the order, give us an opportunity to advise and (perhaps) quote.