How do we give the best IT service to you?

It took us a mere eight weeks to shoot to the top of the Google rankings for the “best IT support company in Wellington”. We get over 7000 visits a month to our website. We are growing 50% each month. Why is this?

Two main reasons we think that are growing so consistently – through referrals and word-of-mouth:

  1. We don’t dispatch staff based on proximity, but on skills and ability and…
  2. our motivating factors are positive outcomes, not exclusively revenue-generating.

Our founder has worked with other IT companies. Their main priority was? To send someone to you that was “in the area”, that was closest to you. Their #1 priority? Driving those billable hours up.

We know that the best IT guy to fix your computer issues is not the person who is closest to you. It’s the person with the skills needed to solve your issue.


Our staff are correctly managed. We know what their skill strengths and weaknesses are. Our call-outs are carefully screened. We do spot checks and call-backs to ensure that our service levels are maintained.

We’ve worked with IT companies where it was obvious from the phone call that the techie would not be able to service the component and it would be unfair to go to the site and charge a minimum call-out fee. They were still sent to the site and collected the fee.

For example, in a “previous life”, the author was sent to investigate a cracked Microsoft Surface Pro. We suspect the dispatcher knew perfectly well that we couldn’t repair these, but the techie would still be sent to the site and then charge a client a minimum call-out fee for stating the obvious. 

All our call-outs go through a two-step process. In an information-gathering stage – the support operator takes detailed info, then a technical consultant reads it and contacts the client with an alternative solution if it appears to be something obvious that we can’t give the client the best possible outcome for.

Software Consultants, Business Consultants and IT techies have skills that overlap, but they’re obviously different.

We will send an IT consultant to you when you have a business issue or a home tech issue that we suspect may need more in-depth skills to analyse or troubleshoot the issue.

If we feel it is a minor issue, then a qualified technician will be dispatched and either assist on-site or do a thorough inspection to see what extra components are required.

We have a great network of other IT specialists we work with. We don’t mind losing business to ensure the right person fixes your issue – even if that person is outside our company.

Our goal is to give you the right solution at an affordable cost and have you up and running again as soon as possible.