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HOW TO hide your Facebook friends and followers

How to hide your friends and follower lists on Facebook PROTECT YOURSELF, your reputation and your business brand. Reduce the damage from “Facebook Cloning” Facebook cloning of accounts (impersonation) is quite common for users with large followers, business pages and business owners. https://youtu.be/9YP2QIbh7KI Scammers clone an account with your name, profile picture, and photos and […]

Cybersecurity – get the right advice from an IT consultant, not a geek, not a nerd, not a techie

Cybersecurity – get the right advice from an IT consultant, not a geek, not a nerd, not a techie https://youtu.be/ccGvdJ1Kq9Y Cyber-security. It’s for IT consultants and more importantly, IT consultants with experience, not generic run-of-the-mill mobile tech companies. It’s not the domain of your local “techies”, geeks or nerds. It’s about management, forensics, analysis of […]

How to search for an app easier on an iPhone

HOW TO: search easier and faster on an iPhone Many people bypass the iPhone tutorial as they’re in such a hurry to use their new phone. We have encountered many customers that still don’t know this quick way to search on an iPad or iPhone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwFCuJSIluA

HOW TO remove BING from EDGE Chromium

HOW TO remove BING as a search engine from EDGE Chromium We briefly discuss the different versions of Windows, and the difference between EDGE and the new EDGE Chromium Web Browser. We also discuss how to remove BING as a search engine. “Using #Microsoft #Bing to search for something is comparable to using a candle in a dark […]

HOW TO use the windows snipping tool

HOW TO use the Windows snip tool

HOW TO use the Windows 11 snipping tool Some people know this, but you’d be surprised how few actually use these two useful examples in Windows to capture screenshots or part of the screen. https://youtu.be/xhiAp-kj4zo

Apple MacBook overheating for the strangest reason

Apple MacBook overheating for the strangest reason – Apple Mac repairs We were called out to do computer support in Lower Hutt to a customer with a strange issue. Her MacBook was overheating every time she opened up her Apple Mail app.  We resolved it quite speedily and she was happy she didn’t have a […]

should I repair, replace or upgrade my notebook?

Should you repair, replace or upgrade your computer or notebook? Craven Coetzee from IT near U, the computer repair company in Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua (as well as the Kapiti Coast answers a common question. Should I repair, replace or upgrade my notebook or computer? If it’s in really good condition, is just […]

we provide great value computer and IT support

IT near U - affordable IT support and services

VLOG #002: Good Value vs Cheap vs Expensive IT support So, this happened.  A client’s ex-Service Provider “politely bad-mouthed” us and subtly warned our customer “we are so much cheaper, probably the cheapest IT in Wellington”, but she just shook her head, ’cause she had already seen our rates, saw that they were reasonable and […]

How we improved a client’s WiFi 15 to 30x today! #ITnearU

VLOG #001: an IT guy near you: How we significantly improved a client’s WiFi today! Just to clarify – usually it only takes about 10 minutes to do the initial setup of the WiFi routers, then less than an hour to set up these WiFi mesh units and find the best spots for the best […]

Windows 11 is here. Why you need Windows 11

Windows 11 is here. Why you need Windows 11. Windows 7 support officially ended in January 2020. Windows 10 was offered as a free upgrade to anyone who had a legal, licensed version of Windows 7. Windows 10 has had about 10 different versions, each released about every six months and the first is radically […]