rejected your message

to the following email addresses

Are you having issues sending to users or other e-mail address? 
Are you getting error messages similar to the ones below? Well, IT NEAR U can assist!

EXAMPLE #1: Your message wasn’t delivered rejected your message to the following email addresses:
Your message wasn’t delivered because the recipient’s email provider rejected it. gave this error:
This mail is unauthenticated, which poses a security risk to the sender and Gmail users, and has been blocked. The sender must authenticate with at least one of SPF or DKIM. For this message, DKIM checks did not pass and SPF check for [] did not pass with ip: [2a01:111:f403:7004::625]. The sender should visit for instructions on setting up authentication. bm22-20020a0564020b1600b0053410e1f71asi5121524edb.179 – gsmtp

EXAMPLE #2: Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
Mike XXXXXX ([email protected])
Your message couldn’t be delivered. Despite repeated attempts to contact the recipient’s email system it didn’t respond.
Contact the recipient by some other means (by phone, for example) and ask them to tell their email admin that it appears that their email system isn’t accepting connection requests from your email system. Give them the error details shown below. It’s likely that the recipient’s email admin is the only one who can fix this problem.
For more information and tips to fix this issue see this article: