How We Significantly Improved a Client’s WiFi

Introduction to WiFi Improvement

When it comes to home internet, achieving the perfect setup isn’t always as straightforward as plugging in a new device. Our recent project on how we significantly improved a client’s WiFi showcases the complexities involved and the dramatic improvements that can be achieved with professional help.

how we significantly improved a clients internet | Customer so happy with WiFi speed!

The Challenge

Improving Wireless Connectivity

Our client, residing in a large house, had struggled with improved wireless connectivity despite purchasing recommended WiFi mesh units from a major electronics retailer. These units, often touted as ‘plug and play,’ proved insufficient for her needs, leading to persistent internet more reliable issues and removed deadspots.

Client’s Initial Struggles

  • Difficulty with Setup: Contrary to the ‘easy setup’ promise, our client found the process challenging and could not achieve the desired outcomes, which included boosted internet speed and coverage.
  • Initial Poor Performance: Before our intervention, the WiFi setup did not effectively cover the entire house, leading to deadspots and frustratingly slow speeds.

Our Approach to a Dramatic Internet Speed Boost

  • Expert Assessment and Setup: By spending time on-site, we assessed the layout of the home and identified optimal positions for the WiFi mesh units, significantly enhancing coverage and speed.
  • Technical Tweaking: It took patience and technical expertise to adjust settings and achieve a huge internet performance increase. Our adjustments included the removal of redundant components, simplifying the network setup while making it more efficient.

Results: WiFi Improved

  • Speed Improvements: Post-setup, the WiFi speeds improved dramatically, with the client experiencing enhancements of 15 to 30 times the original speeds.
  • Satisfaction and Feedback: The client was amazed at the results, questioning how retail advice could fall so short of what professional setup could achieve. Their feedback highlighted the gap between consumer expectations and the reality of WiFi technology deployment.

Expertise and Experience Makes the Difference!

This case illustrates how we significantly improved a client’s WiFi, turning a frustrating situation into a highly satisfactory one. The experience underscores the importance of professional installation and setup to truly realize the potential of home WiFi systems.

Client’s Endorsement

After our work, the client expressed immense satisfaction, noting the stark contrast between their initial struggles and the final performance. Their home now enjoys robust, reliable internet, thanks to targeted expertise and dedicated service.

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling with similar issues—whether it’s wifi improved, internet more reliable, or needing a dramatic internet speed boost—don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Sometimes, a little expert intervention goes a long way.

Correction: in the video below at 01:50 it’s an “Ethernet over Power” adapter, not a “Power over Ethernet” – he he, I knew doing this in one take was too good to be true ~Craven