VLOG #001: an IT guy near you: How we significantly improved a client's WiFi today!

Just to clarify – usually it only takes about 10 minutes to do the initial setup of the WiFi routers, then less than an hour to set up these WiFi mesh units and find the best spots for the best speeds & coverage, but this was quite a large house and the client also had a bunch of other issues to look at 🙂

correction: in the video below at 01:50 it’s an “Ethernet over Power” adapter, not a “Power over Ethernet” – he he, I knew doing this in one take was too good to be true ~Craven

People get recommended items by the “tech” guys on the retail floor of major electronic stores and are told, “Oh, it’s plug and play, really, really easy to set up!”

Well, no, it’s not always. There’s old saying which I’m paraphrasing that goes: Easy to play (or try), but hard to master!

Our client tried for a few days. After they just couldn’t come right, we stepped in and improved their WiFi speeds in her house 15 to 30 times!

When we were done, they commented: “how do they expect someone like us to set this up and get it working as well as you did?”

It takes a bit of tweaking and a lot of patience, but we drastically improved her WiFi stability and speeds.

In addition, we set the WiFi hardware up better than was before as we removed redundant components. The Internet connection and router is now simpler and looks neater. The client is really happy!

We also worked on quite a few other issues the client had, not just the WiFi, and had a very, very productive time on-site. 🙂