Windows 11 is here. Why you need Windows 11.

Windows 7 support officially ended in January 2020. 

Windows 10 was offered as a free upgrade to anyone who had a legal, licensed version of Windows 7.

Windows 10 has had about 10 different versions, each released about every six months and the first is radically different to the current version, 21H1.

Windows 11 has increased security and once again focuses on putting “you” in the center. Microsoft is my favourite platform as it is the most “we play nice with others attitude” systems from a tech giant.

Apple, Google, Amazon all have moments where they disagree. Microsoft just wants “everyone to get along”

Once again, we’re seeing them embrace this. We see support for Android apps, improved Linux subsystem, a more focused interface and support for multiple app stores.

The main things improved are

  1. that the interface is tweaked and more modern.
  2. Integration with the cloud is improved.
  3. Communication across devices has been improved.
  4. Better integration with Microsoft Teams
  5. The Amazon app store is coming built into Windows 11
  6. Unlike Apple, it is embracing multiple app store support, Steam, Amazon, even perhaps the Epic store.

You will require a TPM chip to run Microsoft Windows 11 – it’s to protect you and improve your security.

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