IT Support and Services in Maungaraki, Lower Hutt

Computer Support and Services

IT Support

IT near U always tries to offer the very best IT support and services in Maungaraki.

We are an experienced team of IT business consultants. In addition, our mobile techs provide home computer support. We can assist via remote IT support software.

We can offer after-hours IT support as needed.

Our managed IT services ensure that your business runs smoothly.

IT support

Our years of experience make us a preferred IT service company. For example, if no one else has managed to fix a nagging IT issue, we can usually help. Our computer consultants are up to the challenge!

IT services

Combined years of experience have given us an edge over competitors.

Firstly, as a result of working with many diverse businesses, we are effective at solving problems.

Secondly, we have worked in many business sectors.

Our business experience includes:

  • legal
  • financial
  • retail
  • manufacturing
  • small business

You can trust our IT support and services in Maungaraki.

Computer consultants

Our difference? We do not control your IT services. We manage them.

Moreover, we stand out among our peers for other reasons.

Firstly, we are IT consultants, not just mobile techs.

Secondly, we try to save you costs and increase productivity.

Thirdly, we document and plan for redundancy.

In addition, we plan for disaster recovery.

Lastly, we do proactive maintenance to cut down on emergency callouts.

We are a preferred computer support company. We offer qualified computer consultants in Maungaraki.

IT security services & cyber-security

We install secure IPS (Intrusion Prevention) Systems.

In the same vein, we provide firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware products. Furthermore, we remove viruses and recover systems. Similarly, we install data backup and redundancy. In addition, we offer employee monitoring. For homes, we provide parental control systems.

Our clients say we are the best IT support company in Maungaraki.

Computer repair services

Do you need to recover from software failures? For example, broken Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac updates? We can assist.

In addition to this, we diagnose computer hardware. Consequently, we replace old hardware if it running slowly. Furthermore, we can boost the speed of old computers with upgrades.

Apple Mac support and repairs

IT near U - IT support and services - IT near you

We support many Windows systems. However, we support Apple as well. Need a new Mac set up? We can help.

Furthermore, we can make your Apple mobile and computer products work together.

Is your Mac not starting? Call us! In addition, we can migrate from one Apple Mac to another.

So, remember! We offer both computer support and Apple Mac support in Maungaraki. We use Mac computers at our office and are experienced in Mac repairs and support.

Business IT support

We have had exposure to a range of applications and cloud services. As a result, we can improve and maintain your business IT systems.

We provide Business IT training. In addition, we support Microsoft 365 cloud services.

We support Microsoft SharePoint, CRM, Dynamix and Microsoft 365 for Business.

Our clients rely on us to set up business policies and procedures. We plan redundancy systems and set up disaster recovery procedures.

In addition, we ensure compliance with industry standards.

We provide Business IT support and services in Maungaraki.

IT network support, Managed IT services

Home or Business? If you need IT network support, call us!

We can set up your computers and network.

Let us manage your IT services so that you can focus on your business.

Additionally, we can improve your WiFi. We make your internet more reliable.

We provide IT network support in Maungaraki, Lower Hutt.

Mobile tech support

Our company offers mobile IT services in addition to Business IT consulting services.

We also offer Apple Mac support. In addition, we do network support and improve WiFi.

We’re an IT consulting company. We’re a mobile tech company.

Do you need us to help you with IT support in Maungaraki?

IT near U is the computer support company near you in Maungaraki, Lower Hutt

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