We strive to offer the best IT support, computer repairs and IT services for Home and Business in Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Kapiti Coast.

IT support & computer consultants - Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Hutt Valley
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IT Business Consulting

Business ICT consulting services

We offer ICT consulting, managed services, and on-site support to Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMME) as well as offer discounted rate support from not-for-profit organizations.

We also offer remote support for fast, responsive fixes to computer problems.

Whether you’re setting up a new business or need help with an existing business, we are here to help guide you and prevent you from making the wrong decisions.

We support small businesses, work-from-home businesses, in a variety of sectors including, but not limited to IT support for retail, financial, legal, tradesman (tradies), and other customer service business providers.

IT infrastructure Setup and Advice

Internet Domain Registration and Configuration

We can assist with reserving and managing your business name and address on the internet. Have a real world presence and internet address at www.domain-name.co.nz

Modern, Secure e-Mail and Calendar System

setting up a professional, reliable, secure cloud e-Mail and Calendar system with either GSUITE or Microsoft 365 Enterprise Cloud Services.

Be [email protected]domain-name.co.nz and project a professional business image with a secure business e-mail. It’s not as expensive as you think and comes with a host of extra value services.

Be taken seriously. Nothing screams “amateur” and “non-commitment” more than using an @gmail.com or @hotmail.com or @xtra.co.nz e-mail address for your business.

Professional Website with Advice on how to get the best SEO ratings

a simple, but effective start-up website for your business. If you need something more advanced than a 5 to 9 page start-up site telling your customers who you are, we have partners that can assist with anything you need.

Cloud Backup, Document Management & Storage

We can configure, support and train on SharePoint Oneline and Microsoft OneDrive for Business, the most versatile document management and backup systems included with Microsoft 365.

We can ensure all your important documents are kept in sync and readily accessible across all your devices, on your PC, Mac or mobile phone, set up teams, messaging, rights and permissions, share Calendars for staff to different parts of your business.

Business Internet Connections and VoIP Phone services

We are partners with one of the best Kiwi Voice over Internet Protocol service providers in New Zealand. Large enough to be highly cost effective, but small enough to be there when you need assistance. We can provide a really fast, reliable internet connection and a simple-to-use cloud phone PABX system with advanced features.
Existing Business Services & Consulting

You are an existing business? Having issues with your IT support? Your existing IT company just not responding? You are worried about your systems, don’t have a disaster recovery plan? Having on-going network issues, not sure about something?

We can assist with advice, consulting, recommendations on all your IT needs.

Data Migration to Cloud and working remotely

Still using an on-site server? Need to work remotely and collaborate and communicate? One thing that the pandemic has shown us is that companies need to be agile and be able to work remotely. We can offer numerous solutions tailored to your needs.

Security and Backup of critical data & services

The increase of Malware and Ransomware due to use of criminals by cryptocurrencies to cover their tracks has made everyone vulnerable. Over 20% of Kiwi businesses have been hit by either viruses, malware or ransomware. You need a secure, reliable cloud service provider and good on-site Anti-Virus.

IT Cost-savings, Consultation & Managed IT Services

We have saved many of our smaller clients thousands of dollars a year as they were being billed for redundant services. Quite often, salespeople will sell you one product without telling you that existing systems are redundant. You can’t expect an accountant to know everything about your IT. Show us your IT invoices. Let us assist in streamlining your IT costs and services. This is part of what Managed IT services are all about.

Move your old PABX to a Fibre cloud PABX system

Cloud PABX systems using VoIP make your entire business mobile. Want to work from home? Simply answer business calls on your VoIP app on your phone or just unplug the phone at the office and plug it into your internet router at home. Advanced features included and an easy portal to access them. Record incoming calls, divert calls with ease.
General Business Services

Social Media, Internet Strategy and Web Consulting

Everything is linked in IT today. We understand the best way to get your name out there. We can advise on whatever you need. We will work with your third-party IT consultants and translate the techno-jargon and advise on what’s best for you and ensure whatever IT project you need done is done securely and cost-effectively.

Service License Agreements (SLA’s)

We know Kiwi’s hate contracts. After you’ve been using us for three months, we offer short-term great value Service Agreements that can be canceled on a month’s notice. We don’t believe in locking you in to long-term contract, but our contracts do offer a reduced rate for all our consulting services. They enable us to provide you with more consistent support and enable us to plan our staff allocation better to ensure better preventative maintenance rather than re-active support.

We don’t build our relationship on “locking you in” and making it difficult to leave us. We design all our services and plans so that if something happens to your consultant, another can step in and fulfill their role with minimal effort.

We build a knowledge base for all our clients with all their IT information readily accessible and under their control.

We believe in our customer owning their services and data. We want you to keep using us because we’re good at what we do, not because it would be a hassle to leave.

Managed Services and Disaster Recovery Planning

“An idiot with a plan beats a genius without one” – Being able to restore your data is one thing. Recovering from a complete system failure, ransomware attack or natural disaster is another entirely different thing. We can assist with a comprehensive, well-documented recovery procedure. We manage your IT so that you don’t have to and assist with consulting on any IT project you are contemplating.

Computer Equipment Rentals

We can rent computers and peripherals on a weekly or monthly basis when you don’t want to buy outright. eg. Projectors, notebooks, computers. If we don’t have what you need available to rent, we may even buy it and then work out terms for a tailored rental plan.

New or refurbished computers, notebooks, Mac’s and equipment.

We have access to excellent Kiwi-supported suppliers and can supply all your IT hardware with solid after-sales support and warranty.

Existing Business? We can also assist with

e-Mail set-up and troubleshooting.

We recommend moving to a secure cloud system and using it correctly as the ecosystem is intended to be used. If you’re using GSUITE with Microsoft Outlook Desktop client, you’re doing it wrong. Exchange Online is a Microsoft 365 service that we most often recommend as they have (in our opinion), the best (and most useful) value-added services that offer really good integration.

Mail Migration from an old e-mail system to GSUITE or Microsoft 365 Online.

We will ensure all your e-mail is transferred smoothly and that your mobiles, PC’s, tablets, Macs all work in harmony

Network Troubleshooting, WiFi Optimization

We can assist with any aspect of your IT infrastructure. Computers, WiFi, CCTV, Phones. We can supply, service and support them.