Ready to Connect?
Microsoft Windows Users, please the TeamViewer image above to start the download of our TeamViewer QuickSupport application. Please call us before you do this so that we can ensure we have someone available to assist!

The file that downloads will be called TeamViewerQS.exe
Before you call, please check your computer to see if you don’t perhaps have an icon similar to the one below on your Windows Desktop or in the bottom right near your clock. Sometimes, you will have an ^ up arrow near your clock and the icon may appear there. Let your IT consultant know if you have one before downloading our version of TeamViewer.

Remote Support Services
Sometimes, you just a quick fix, don’t want to pay for a full call-out as you just have one little IT problem that needs solving or maybe you just need someone to check if it warrants a full call-out.
We can help with a TeamViewer remote session to your computer or even Android phones and tablets (iPhone not supported, unfortunately)
Our business customers find this quite convenient – especially those living further away from us in remote locations.

As there is no travelling time, the rates are a bit lower as well, so quite a cost effective solution for when things are needed to be fixed quickly.

What about Mac?
While Teamviewer doesn’t really work well on iPads or iPhones, it does work on iMac and MacBook, but the initial setup can be very time-consuming, so an initial visit may be required to set it up correctly. There are a lot of permissions and settings that need to be done correctly, so it’s best if an experienced techie sets it up the first time.

Privacy First!
Our remote assistance product is secure, encrypted and private.

It does not run on the PC in the background when not in use and offers complete privacy when it’s not needed.
No-one can access your computer unless:

1. You start up TeamViewer yourself and
2. You accept our request to access your screen & keyboard

When we log off, it unloads from memory and ceases to monitor or control any part of your computer until you start the little stand-alone file again.

We specifically chose the “QuickSupport” product for this ability.