IT Support and Services in Aro Valley, Wellington

Comprehensive Assistance at Your Fingertips

For IT Support and Services in Aro Valley, look no further than IT NEAR U. At the heart of the bustling Wellington suburb of Aro Valley is IT near U, your trusty guide in the vast world of technology. With our comprehensive IT services, say goodbye to sleepless nights caused by tech woes.

Why Choose our IT Support and Services in Aro Valley?

Because with us, IT support isn’t just a transaction. It’s a bond we build with each client. One might wonder what sets us apart in the vast sea of IT Services in Aro Valley? It’s our unwavering commitment. Just as Apple has its unique approach to innovation and Microsoft brings user-friendliness at the forefront, we blend efficiency with a personal touch.

A Broad Spectrum of Services

  • Home and Business IT Support: Whether you’re a resident of Aro Valley needing help with your personal computer or a business in need of an IT overhaul, our experienced team of IT business consultants are ready to assist. Not to mention, our mobile techs who provide on-the-spot home computer support, be it for your Apple Mac or Windows systems.

  • Remote IT Support: No matter the distance, our IT services are just a click away. We’re well-equipped with remote IT support software, ensuring that help is always within reach. Plus, we offer after-hours IT support for those midnight glitches.

  • Business IT Support: From providing essential IT training to ensuring seamless operations through Microsoft 365 cloud services, we’ve got your back. With expertise in Microsoft SharePoint, CRM, Dynamix, and more, you can trust us to elevate your business.

  • Apple Mac Support and Repairs: Apple aficionados, rejoice! Not only do we provide top-notch computer support for Windows, but we’re also proficient in Apple Mac support. Whether it’s setting up a new Mac, syncing your Apple devices, or migrating data, our techs, well-versed in Mac repairs, are at your service.

  • IT Network and Managed IT Services: Slow internet? Network issues? We ensure that your online experience is seamless. With skilled troubleshooting and a commitment to boost your WiFi’s strength, our network support in Aro Valley is unparalleled.

  • Mobile Tech Support: In the age of mobility, our services aren’t confined to a desk. We’re a potent blend of an IT consulting company and a mobile tech squad, ensuring IT support on the go.

  • Cyber-security Services: In today’s digital age, security is paramount. We understand this and offer top-tier IT security services, from installing IPS systems to providing robust firewalls.

Albert Einstein Quotation | IT Support | ITnearU.nzAn Ode to Excellence, IT Support and Services in Aro Valley, Wellington

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” And at IT near U, experience isn’t just about years. It’s about the countless IT challenges we’ve faced head-on, the myriad of businesses we’ve transformed, and the diverse sectors we’ve worked in, including legal, financial, retail, manufacturing, and small businesses.


In the rapidly changing landscape of IT, having a reliable partner can make all the difference. At IT near U, our goal is simple – to provide the residents and businesses of Aro Valley with unparalleled IT support and services. So, when you think of IT Support in Aro Valley, Wellington, think of us.