what smartphone should I get to work best with my PC?

If you’re running a Macbook or iMac, and all your photos are on iCloud, pretty much the best choice is to get an iPad if you’re looking for a tablet or an iPhone if you’re looking for a phone.

Apple’s products work better the more you have as the ecosystem opens up to new possibilities. Your security is improved because you can use one device to sign onto another. iCloud seamlessly syncs all your documents, photos between devices.

That said, “syncing” is not a backup, but you can use a product like Microsoft OneDrive on your iPhone, Tablet, Mac, and iMac and it just works great for true backup and ransomware protection.

Microsoft is investing a lot of effort into making OneDrive for Mac and Sharepoint work much, much better.

So what if you have Windows as your desktop operating system? Well, then there is only one truly compatible, well-supported brand – Samsung.

Yes, other phones running Android offer limited syncing and linking features between Windows, but Samsung and Windows certainly have the best relationship and all-new features between the two platforms come to Samsung first.

The only smartphone you should never consider? Huawei. They make some good phones, but unfortunately, they always seem to be in trouble for one thing or another with the Western World and certainly the “Five Eyes” countries have one or another sanction against them most of the time, so it’s the least compatible Android device out there.

Samsung is pretty much the best choice for Windows users and for backups and syncing of features, most new phones work seamlessly with Windows and all their services – including Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and others!