Q Why is my computer making a noise? Fan is spinning all the time?


Computers and notebooks need to be blown out from time to time with a professional cleaning kit.

Don’t use a vacuum cleaner! You risk breaking something!

If the air blowing out your notebook /or computer is warm and it’s making a noise, it may be time to replace the heat transfer paste inside the device. This paste is usually put between the cooler fan/heatsink and the electronic components to ensure heat is drawn away from the electronics.

Over time, this paste may harden or dust gets in between and it loses its effectiveness.

Leaving this can result in the computer running slower, or even damage the computer /or notebook.

In dusty environments, you need to service computers more often – especially in dusty factories or if the computer is on the floor.

We have all the tools to diagnose and sort this out. Contact us for a clean PC or notebook!