Q My computer is slow and making a ticking sound. What’s wrong?

A Stand back, it’s going to blow! We’re kidding 🙂

But, seriously, this could very likely be a failing hard disk. If you have an external hard disk or USB thumb drive, make a backup ASAP (copy and paste photos, desktop, and documents) to prevent losing your files.

Once you have a backup, switch off the computer and shut it down to prevent further damage. If it stalls/freezes during the backup, switch it off to prevent further damage.

We can help with this if you are unsure and worried about losing your data. We can back everything up and check to see if the hard disk is okay and also recommend a decent backup solution.

We can also replace the faulty drive and transfer all your data across to it.
Another option is also making the computer /or notebook much, much faster by replacing the faulty drive with a super-fast Solid State Drive (SSD).

If you can’t make a backup, it’s important to switch off the computer /or notebook and not use it until you call us because the longer you leave it on, the more damage is being done to the drive and the less chance to get the data/info off of it.