Q Why is my computer making a buzzing, humming noise?


Yes, we can. We do, however, strongly recommend not to do just an upgrade.

The reason for this is that a lot of applications that are supposed to work on Windows 7 and also on 10 have issues when you upgrade. Also, any old problems with the Windows 7 will be transferred across to the Windows 10 upgrade.

The preferred method that professionals do to ensure a happy client is to back up the data from Windows 7, clean off the old computer entirely and then install a fresh, latest copy of Windows 10 (there are now over a dozen versions of Windows 10 and the earliest v1507 is very, very different to the latest 21H2 version).

We then install all drivers, update and check the machine is stable, restore your files & data, recommend a good backup solution and reload all your applications and then update those as well.

This ensures a much better, faster, and more reliable upgrade experience than simply hitting the “upgrade to Windows 10” from Windows 7 button.