Q My Apple Mac is slow. Can you make my Apple Mac faster by upgrading it with an SSD?


Yes, we can. Obviously, it varies on model and age of unit from iMac, Mac Mini to MacBook to other Apple products.

We can install SSD units and drastically improve performance and we can source and install memory for most pre-2020 models.

We will need to do an assessment on the device needing upgrading. Fortunately, an Apple Serial number is all we need to see how and what can be upgraded.

Some units are simply not upgradeable at all – especially the new M1 Mac Silicon units (they already have SSD drives), but we certainly can breathe life into your old Mac and give it a few more years of life and use.

There are so many 2012 to 2020 Macs out there still being used. We can also back up and upgrade your Mac OS to the latest version and make it all run smoother and offer a similar security level to newer Macs.

The minimum O/S you should be running is Mac OS Catalina.