Can you make my Apple Mac faster?

My Apple Mac is slow. Will an SSD Speed it Up?

Optimising Your Apple Mac with Solid State Drive Upgrades

Can an SSD upgrade make your Apple Mac faster? Absolutely, and we’re here to help. The performance of an Apple Mac, be it an iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook, can be significantly enhanced by upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD).

The Upgrade Process

Every Apple Mac model, particularly those manufactured before 2020, has unique upgrade capabilities. We specialise in sourcing and installing SSD units that can dramatically improve your machine’s speed and performance. Additionally, we can upgrade memory for most pre-2020 models to further boost your Mac’s efficiency.

Can you make my apple mac faster with an SSD?

Assessing Your Apple Mac for Upgrades

To determine the best upgrade path for your device, we begin with a thorough assessment. The Apple Serial number will provide us with all the necessary details to understand how and what can be upgraded on your specific Mac.

Understanding Upgrade Limitations

It’s important to note that some units, especially newer models like the M1 Macs with integrated SSD drives, may not be upgradeable. However, for older Mac models, an SSD upgrade can significantly extend the device’s lifespan and usability.

Extending the Life of Older Macs

Many Macs from 2012 to 2020 are still in circulation and actively used. We can not only upgrade the hardware but also back up your data and update your Mac OS to the latest version that your machine supports. Upgrading to at least Mac OS Catalina is recommended to ensure smoother performance and enhanced security.


If you’re looking to improve your Apple Mac’s speed and functionality, an SSD upgrade could be the perfect solution. Contact us to see how we can revitalise your device and enhance your computing experience.