Can you set up Parental Control on my internet for my kids?

IT NEAR U: Empowering Parents with Effective Internet Management Tools

Yes, we can! Setting up parental controls on your home internet is an essential step towards safeguarding your children’s online experiences. Our services offer parents the ability to regulate and manage not only the content accessible to their children but also their time spent online. This fosters a healthier balance and better mental health for both youngsters and teenagers.

The Diverse Benefits of Parental Controls

Our system is adept at managing the time spent on individual devices in your household. With our assistance, you can:

  • Prevent Distractions: Limit access to social media and other addictive platforms that can detract from sleep and study time.
  • Schedule Internet Downtime: Ensure your kids can wind down and get to bed at the appropriate bedtime.
  • Monitor Online Behavior: Keep track of the websites and apps your children are accessing to better understand their online habits.

Added Advantages for Your Household

Implementing our parental control solutions comes with added benefits for the whole family. The devices we supply not only help control internet access but also improve WiFi speeds and ensure better internet reliability and security for the entire household.


By incorporating parental controls, you can introduce a harmonious digital environment at home. Protecting your children from the potential pitfalls of the internet has never been easier. Let us help you bring balance and peace of mind to your family’s digital life.