Your account access has temporarily been removed (PSA)

Don’t Fall for This SMS / text message Banking Scam

Protect your Finances

In an alarming trend, fraudsters are sending SMS messages preying on customers of banks like ANZ, WestPac, BNZ, and KiwiBank. The message is typically distressing, stating “your account access has temporarily been removed,” aiming to exploit the urgency and trust associated with banking communications.

The Scheme’s Operation

Customers may receive a text from numbers, such as +61448608143, with content alleging that their bank account access has been suspended due to unusual activity. The message typically includes:

BNZ: Your account access has temporarily been removed, this is due to some unusual activity. Recover your account at https://scam-link-address

Your Account Access Has Temporarily Been Removed (PSA)

Recognizing the Scam

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK in the text message or type it into a web browser. This message is a well-crafted scam, designed to create panic and lure you into fraudulent websites.

Steps to Ensure Safety

  1. Pause and Evaluate: Banks do not typically send account alerts with direct links.
  2. Official Verification: Contact your bank through official channels for any account concerns.
  3. Report the Scam: Inform your bank of the fraudulent message using their official reporting system.
  4. Educate Yourself: Stay updated on the latest scamming methods to protect your information.

Taking Action on Receiving a Suspicious SMS

If you’ve received an SMS stating “your account access has temporarily been removed,” take a moment to assess the situation. Do not respond or click on any links. Instead, reach out to your bank through verified contact information.

The Bottom Line

Awareness is key in combatting SMS scams that exploit the names of reputable banks. Keep your banking details secure and educate others about these threats to prevent widespread fraud. Always remember, safety is paramount when it comes to your personal and financial information.