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IT NEAR U is Recognized for Top Rated IT Service and Solutions

IT NEAR U, renowned for its best IT support and services, marks a significant presence in Computer Support for the Greater Wellington Region. With coverage in Wellington, Porirua, and the Hutt Valley, including Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, as well as the Kapiti Coast including Waikanae and Paraparaumu, our services are both extensive and efficient. This impressive reach is highlighted through our listings on esteemed directories such as Toodeloo considered by some as New Zealand’s Premium Business Directory.

News and Media mentions for IT NEAR U LIMITED

Wide-Ranging Online Visibility

Furthermore, our recognition extends to Finda and HotFrog, showcasing our commitment to delivering top-tier IT support. These platforms reflect our prowess in the field, emphasizing our role as a leading IT service provider. Additionally, our listing on Yellow and Google My Business enhances our visibility, ensuring clients can easily find our comprehensive IT solutions. 

Strong Digital Presence

In the digital realm, IT NEAR U stands out on Business Search NZ, as well as LinkedIn, reinforcing our professional network presence and collaborative opportunities. Our engagement on Facebook fosters community interactions, providing insights into our cutting-edge IT services and trends.

Diverse Platform Recognition

Our diverse range of services has garnered attention on platforms like NZDirectory, Yelp, and BrownBook. Each listing showcases our ability to cater to a wide array of IT needs, underlining our versatility in the industry. Besides ranking well on Kompass, we have high recommendations on sites such as Zenbu, EnrollBusiness, and Star of Service further attest to our quality service delivery.

Prominence in the IT Community

We are even highly regarded for IT Services on NextDoor. Our prominence in the IT community is evident on platforms like ZipLeaf, getting a few IT callouts via Tuugo, and well respected on Fyple, where our services have been widely acclaimed. We are also notably featured on the Wellington, New Zealand site Megamart, and also OpeningHours, and BusinessNetworkingNZ, demonstrating our extensive influence in the IT sector.

Inclusive and Innovative Services

Our innovative approach is showcased on sites such as NZSB New Zealand’s Small Business Directory, Infodats, and New Zealand BD, illustrating our commitment to providing inclusive and state-of-the-art IT services. We are also featured on Yalwa, InfoBel, Open Di, and BusinessList, reinforcing our dedication to excellence.

Digital Contributions and Partnerships

Our contributions to the digital world are evident on GoogleSite, featured in several Wordpress (5 Stars) blogs, Reddit, and GoogleBlog, where we share our expertise and insights. Additionally, we have been included in the Local Wellington Reviews Magazine  (EcWid), BlogSpot, and Wellington Focus Magazine (Wix Site), highlighting our active participation in online communities. Also featured on Find Us Here, the popular IT Business Network site.

Collaboration with Respected Entities

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we are an authorized Microsoft 365 Business Partner, reflecting our strong alliances in the industry. Our work extends to developing and offering IT support and strategies for businesses like Cosmos Business Services Limited, Wellington Connect, and Wellington’s respected Best Company magazine as being on of the Top 5 IT Companies in Wellington.

We’re also listed in several other online publications, namely “The Catbird Seat” magazine in their “Cat’s Whiskers” section. In addition, we feature favourably in Best Service Magazine, one of Wellington’s top-rated trusted review sites where we feature as the Best IT Company in Wellington.

Notably, we’re flattered to be in the prestigious online review blog, the Oakmont Strafford Journal winning an mention in their “Executive Decision” Section.

Comprehensive IT Services

So, next time you google “it support wellington” or other areas, you’ll probably find us right there on the first page for IT Support and Services. BusinessNetworkingNZ even has us twice!

IT NEAR U offers IT support and consulting services to small business owners, work-from-home businesses, and home customers. Our discounted rates for elderly customers, known as Supergold cardholders, reflect our commitment to making IT support accessible to all.

Systematic and Client-Focused Approach

We employ a systematic approach, addressing customer issues comprehensively to ensure more effective solutions than isolated fixes. Our partnerships with ESET Antivirus and N-ABLE Cove Data Backup and Protection, alongside our role as a Microsoft Business Partner, exemplify our dedication to comprehensive IT solutions.

Far-Reaching Influence in the Media

We feature in acompio, a business listing site as well as the GoWWWlist of companies, also teleadreson‘s business directory, and even on LinkCentre, a database of millions of businesses including the Global Catalogue of New Zealand, even on CROOZI!

Support Across Technologies

Our support spans all computers, mobile devices, and operating systems, showcasing our adaptability to various client preferences, whether it’s Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, iOS, or Android.

Steve Jobs Quotation | News and Media | IT NEAR UEnhancing Technological Proficiency

We also specialize in smart home devices, gaming consoles, and peripherals such as webcams, printers, and scanners, broadening the scope of our services.

IT NEAR U represents a paradigm of the best IT support and services, with a widespread presence across various platforms and directories. Our commitment to providing quality IT solutions is unwavering, ensuring our clients in the Greater Wellington Region and beyond receive the best possible service. As Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This sentiment echoes our passion and dedication to the field of IT, driving us to continuously strive for excellence and innovation in all our endeavors.