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Comprehensive Computer Services by IT NEAR U

We provide IT Support in Paraparaumu, covering everything from onsite IT support, computer repairs, mobile tech support, and more. IT NEAR U is here to cater to your every technological IT and Computer Services need in Paraparaumu

We also serve areas such as Wellington, Porirua, and Hutt Valley, and also provide IT Support in Kapiti Coast in other nearby areas like Waikanae. As Steve Jobs once said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” We’re a small, energetic company with a big heart. Our passionate team at IT NEAR U strives to change the world through exceptional tech solutions. Our customers seem to think we’re doing something right! 

Computer Services

For all your Trusted IT Support and Services in Paraparaumu

For a start, our computer services encompass all makes of Microsoft Windows Personal Computers (PC), popular brands like Dell, HP, Acer, and Lenovo, including Mini PC, Gaming PCs, and notebooks. In addition, we work with Apple Mac Computers. Our unbiased approach towards Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, iOS, or Android ensures quality service. 

Some highlights:

Setting Up and Supporting Desktop and Notebook Computers: We troubleshoot software and hardware issues, general servicing, repair, and more.

Computer Upgrades: Replace old hard disks with newer faster Solid State Drives, upgrade memory, clone old computer data, etc.

Data Management: From Data Recovery to data transfer and migration, we ensure data safety.

Security Solutions: We’re an authorized ESET Anti-Virus Business Partner, offering virus removal, malware removal, and robust internet security.

Hardware Maintenance: Cleaning, hardware maintenance, optimization, and more are all part of our IT Support in Paraparaumu Computer Services.

Customized Solutions: We consult and build custom systems for various needs including gaming, graphic design, and video editing.


IT Support and Services for Printer and Scanners | IT NEAR UPrinters, Scanners, and Peripherals

Your Local IT Support in Paraparaumu – experienced Tech Support!

Need assistance with printers and scanners? We’re here:

Set Up Multi-Function Scanners and Printers: From setting up to troubleshooting, we handle everything including most of the popular brands like HP, Brother (with their long warranties), Canon, and Epson.

We even troubleshoot Point of Sale and Thermal Label Printers as our founder has experience with some of the really old printers and servers.

Custom Printer Profiles: Create different printing requirements as needed.


Wi-Fi, Networks, and Email

Reliable IT Support in Paraparaumu by the Computer Support Company near you, IT NEAR U.

Our network services include:

Wi-fi Improvements: Enhance range, signal, reliability, and more.

Work from Home Solutions: Enabling seamless work from anywhere.

Cyber Security Services: Firewalls, Cloud Intrusion Prevention Systems, are all in a days IT Support in Paraparaumu, and more.

Child Safety Security Products and Services: Including Parental Control Systems.

Smart Home Products: We help with Doorbells, Cameras, Lights, etc.

Email Support: Setting up, troubleshooting, and configuring mail clients, email transfers, and more.

IT Consulting Services

IT NEAR U is your go-to IT Company in Paraparaumu

Our consulting services cover everything from Microsoft Software & Services, Google Cloud Services, Apple Cloud Services, Social Media, Mobile Devices, and more. We even offer:

Assisting Elderly Customers: With patience and discounted Supergold labour rates.

Subscription Management: For products, software, services, and licenses.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts: Ensuring optimal performance.

IT NEAR U offers discounted IT Support labour rates for the Elderly | Supergold Cardholders

Trust IT NEAR U for Comprehensive IT Solutions

IT NEAR U offers unparalleled IT Support in Paraparaumu and the surrounding areas with their Comprehensive IT Services.

Contact us today to explore how we can cater to your specific needs. How may we help you?