Windows PC support and Troubleshooting

Microsoft Windows Computer Maintenance

A Windows computer has hundreds of thousands of system, drivers and application files that are needed to make it work.

Inevitably, something goes wrong from time to time. Sometimes we install a bad program. In other instances, a program update may break another program, break itself or even break Windows.

Computer running slower than usual

If a computer is running slower, or hanging, it may indicate other underlying problems.

  • failing hard disk(s)
  • over-heating components
  • corrupted file system
  • malware, spyware, viruses or other malicious code
  • incompatible drivers
  • out-of-date computer hardware

All is not lost. With a bit of maintenance, things can usually be restored to normal.

The first thing to do when a computer slows down, it is a good idea to make a backup of your most important folders as soon as possible!

These folders include your documents, desktop and pictures and then any other information you have.

If your computer is older than four or five years and you hear a ticking noise every now and then, it may be a failing hard disk. 

If it only became slow after a recent Windows Update, it may be related to this.

Computer is noisy and fan spins all the time

Most computers use active cooling – ie. they use a fan to keep cool. Usually, this fan is connected to a heat sink which has many tiny fins to draw heat away from your computer effectively. Depending on the environment, and how old it is, over time, dust may be sucked into these little cooling fins and cause the computer to overheat and the fan to spin. 

We have the tools and the experience to safely remove most dust from these systems. Please do not ever use a vacuum cleaner on a computer or notebook as you will probably end up damaging it!

computer fan

In addition to dust, the heat sink is mounted onto the electronic components with a thermal paste to ensure heat is drawn away effectively via the metal fins and the fan. Over time, the paste becomes brittle and doesn’t work as effectively.

Sometimes, the paste is not a very high quality and this contributes to a rapid decline in cooling. 

We can carefully remove the heatsink, check the fan, clean the old thermal paste and apply a high-quality paste that will last longer, keep your computer cooler.

Computer Crashes with a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

You may apply a Windows Update or your computer may randomly crash with the dreaded BSOD aka Blue Screen of Death.

The most important thing to do is not to keep restarting the computer over and over if one or two restarts or automatic repairs do not work, then do not rectify the issue further.

Don’t leave the computer on, either! Switch it off and call us.

computer crashed with a blue screen

If it is a hard disk failure, the more you use it, the less likely it will be to recover your information.

If you do manage to get the computer started after this occurs, immediately make a backup and then call us to check what may be causing it.

Sometimes these are indications of a major problem, but most often, it is a just a minor glitch, but you should have it looked at.

We can often just remote via our QuickSupport software and do a quick check.