Windows PC support and Troubleshooting

Windows Update fails or causes issues

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world today. To protect its customers, Microsoft regularly does automatic updates. 

Unfortunately, there are billions of different computers and unique configurations. As a result of this, sometimes things go wrong.

Windows update failures present themselves in various ways.

There are many other things we can assist with, but Windows Update problems are the most common.

Computer won't start after Windows update

Your computer may fail to “boot up” after an update.

Many things can cause this. It could be underlying data corruption. Sometimes data corruption occurs and we dismiss the signs without realizing it. 

Perhaps, it’s a failing hard disk. In addition, it could be a third-party anti-virus that broke the update. Anti-virus is notorious for breaking computer updates. 

Furthermore, It could be a software driver problem. 

Error message after Windows update.

Failed updates can present themselves in many ways. Sometimes, you get a warning pop up when you log in that wasn’t there before.

Alternatively, you experience other bugs. Perhaps a program that used to work fine prior to the update now malfunctions, hangs up or gives some other error.

In some cases, Windows updates replace old files to increase the overall system performance and security and this breaks other applications.

Computer slow after Windows update

Preparation and backups should be made prior to any update. Most of us don’t do this. Sometimes, we’re even unaware of when the backup starts.

Sluggish computers after a Windows update may indicate other underlying problems.

  • failing hard disk(s)
  • corrupted file system
  • malware, spyware, viruses or other malicious code
  • incompatible drivers
  • out-of-date computer hardware

All is not lost. With a bit of maintenance, things can usually be restored to normal. 

Call us – we can help with whatever Windows Update issues you’re having.