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If your computer is not too old, it may benefit significantly from a solid state disk (SSD) upgrade. Replacing an old mechanical drive with an SSD will make the computer run faster than when it was new.

Most 2021 or newer Windows computers and Apple Macs come with an SSD already. All the new M1 Mac Mini, Macbooks, iMacs, and Macbook Airs have SSD’s already.

Computers four to six years or older generally use slow mechanical hard disk drives (HDD). 

We generally don’t advise upgrading a laptop/notebook if it has any other issues such as keyboard issues, screen issues, problems with ports, etc.

However, if the condition of the general computer /or notebook is generally okay, and it’s just a bit slow, then you can get three to five years of additional use out of it and actually make it run considerably faster than when it was new by installing an SSD.

We can upgrade iMac’s prior to 2020 resulting in a significant overall boot-up speed and general application load improvement, some MacBooks, most notebooks, most All-in-One PC’s, and desktop PC’s.

If you’re getting the Windows hourglass when loading apps or spinning circle on your Mac, these times can all be improved.

If you have one of the old iMacs (prior to 2012), your software generally can’t be upgraded past “High Sierra”, so it’s not really viable to upgrade.

Computers that are older than 8th gen usually can’t be upgraded to Windows 11, so if you upgrade a 4th to 7th gen computer, you probably won’t get more than three years of life out of it as Windows 10 Support will end in 2025.

We automatically recommend the replacement of a failing hard disk with an SSD drive as it’s not practical to install the older mechanical Hard Disk Drives anymore.

Some 6th or 7th Generation computers can be upgraded, so each will need to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.