IT Security - and a bit of humour for June 2022

Is that a Man-in-the-Middle Cyber-Attack?

Listen to this blog – click the play button below (which contains more info as well) – scroll down for our “Mouse-in-the-Middle” bit of IT security humour.

You don’t want a “geek” or a “technician” to assist with your IT security or business IT maintenance. You know the type? Mom-and-pop IT shops (where pop hasn’t taken a refresher course or upgraded his skills in 15 years) and the mass retail mobile technician market. Rapid response IT services? As if IT is a fast-food franchise. It’s not.

Yes, there is a market for “techies” – when you need a new router set up, your keyboard needs replacement, and you need a hard disk upgrade. Quite often, however, to get the job done, you need someone with more than six months of experience on the job that is supervised by a self-proclaimed manager with similar experience. 

Firstly, mobile Techs are not consultants. They’re completely different fields. A tech looks at your current, singular issue, patches it up and walks away. Sometimes tech is all you need. Our techs are overseen by consultants. They check the job is done correctly.

Based on the information provided, we will send either a tech or a consultant, but regardless of the outcome – after a mobile tech looks at a problem, they update our knowledgebase and if it appears there are underlying issues, one of our consultants will attempt to find out what caused it, and how to prevent it from happening again, makes recommendations, and offers guidance on improving systems and processes. 

Companies that advertise “mobile tech support” services usually don’t have the skills, or experience to look at your IT infrastructure from a holistic viewpoint. 

We do. 

It’s why we have such positive feedback from our clients. 

It’s why we grow organically and rapidly as it’s mostly on word-of-mouth

We understand the different skill sets. It’s why we have two separate divisions – mobile techs and consultants, carefully managed to ensure the best possible outcome to your IT problems. We don’t believe in micro-managing our staff, but there needs to be oversight and quality assurance to ensure the best possible long-term value for our customers.

Techs require management and guidance. 

Consultants need not only broad technical skills but also management skills and experience in a variety of environments.

Our consultants will look at your entire system, pinpoint weaknesses and vulnerabilities and advise on how to comply with best industry practices, policies and procedures. 

We will ensure your data is actually backing up and that you have redundancies in place and keep your disaster recovery plan up to date. We will work with your third-party IT service providers to ensure you get the best service and value. 

As our IT consulting team have a limited number of businesses they each oversee, so we can dedicate time to a practical, effective, long-term managed solution, keeping your business data safe, preventing downtime and allocating the correct person with the right skills to assist with your IT problems as they arise and updating your site’s knowledgebase as needed.

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"mouse in the middle" security breach