Improve your Wi-Fi with IT NEAR U

Something so simple, can be a challenge for an inexperienced Geek.

Let a professional fix your Wireless Connection!

If you have a WiFi extender, you’re probably having dead spots in your home and struggling with a reliable WiFi signal and poor internet speeds and reliability.

One of the most worthless devices ever designed was the so-called “WiFi extender” device. So many people buy these because a retail tech store says: “This will improve your Wi-Fi”, but it only does half a job.

If you have one, you more than likely don’t have good, reliable Wireless. It’s usually the first thing an “IT expert” on the department floor at one of the major retailers suggests, and it’s probably the most ineffective device (and waste of money) to use.

If you’re using the default router supplied with your Internet Service Provider, you are more than likely having unreliable internet performance and not enough range.

Most ISP’s supply the cheapest possible unit as part of their free router offering. As you know, something is only as good as what you pay for it.

The generic “el-cheapo” NetComm routers supplied by some ISP’s is just terrible from our experience as are some of the entry-level Hauwei units.

We can advise on a solution that will improve your WiFi.

We can help you fix your WiFi, make your Wireless much, much better and faster!

Your WiFi can be better, faster, more reliable. We can source the right equipment for the environment, whether it’s for a home, small office or business. We support managed “prosumer” and “commercial” (aka enterprise) Wireless solutions that are super quick, have excellent long-range coverage, and are exceptionally reliable and stable. Dead spots? Not with the equipment we supply and install.

Bought a WiFi mesh or other system and it isn’t working as you expected? Buying is one thing, installing it correctly and tweaking performance is completely different. We can supply, install and optimize the devices correctly.

We really can improve your Wi-Fi. Give us a call. You will be amazed at the difference. No more buffering.

We can advise on a solution and help you optimize your WiFi signal in your home and business.

WiFi needs to be tailored to the environment and the client. We have decades of experience installing networks and tweaking WiFi to work just right.

Most of our products also have a superior firewall with built-in “Intrusion Prevention Systems” (IPS) that offers an additional layer of protection against phishing cyber-attacks and internet browsing.

Many have Parental Control Systems built in as well. So, not only will you improve your Wi-Fi, but your family or business will be safer on the web as well.

Call us to sort out your WiFi.