POLICY UPDATE: Computer Hardware Sales

Computer Hardware Policy Change

Notebooks, Computers, “High Risk” Computer Equipment Sales Discontinued

As of 29 April 2024, IT NEAR U has revised its sales and service policies regarding computer hardware sales. While continuing to offer expert purchasing advice on new computer hardware, notebooks, and network solutions, the company will redirect its operational model. IT NEAR U will no longer purchase computer hardware on behalf of clients, a practice previously aimed at reducing installation times and other associated costs.

Computer Hardware and Sales Policy Change

Transition to Client-Directed Purchases

Clients will now have the autonomy to either adopt the recommendations provided by IT NEAR U or opt for alternative sources to order their hardware directly from suppliers. This shift ensures that clients bear all risks associated with their purchases. They can choose to deliver their purchased hardware to IT NEAR U‘s premises for installation and configuration or request on-site installation.

However, it is crucial to note that IT NEAR U expressly disclaims any responsibility for the hardware’s performance or its suitability to meet specific client requirements.

Previous Practices and Issues Encountered

Previously, for clients who settled their payments promptly, IT NEAR U offered a streamlined service involving purchasing recommended items from suppliers, and managing collection and delivery for a basic fee, and an additional setup charge. This process was transparently documented and discussed, with invoices clearly stating that warranty obligations rested with the supplier, not with IT NEAR U

Regrettably, this service model has led to various challenges, including delayed payments by clients, sometimes extending nearly three months. Notably, loss of time with one incident involved over six hours of labour lost as IT NEAR U mediated between the supplier and a client, a role not originally intended under the service terms. These incidents have underscored the financial and operational risks of continuing this service, prompting the policy revision.

Licenses & Subscriptions to be Billed in Advance, Activated upon Payment

A further policy change: Microsoft Software Licenses, Antivirus and other subscriptions will be billed in advance and only purchased (and activated) from suppliers upon payment of invoice in full. We’ve had situations where we ordered subscriptions, indebted ourselves to suppliers and only received payments months later.

Focused Approach Moving Forward

In aligning with the new policy, IT NEAR U will continue to sell small, low-risk hardware items priced under $300. These items are easier to return if needed, reducing the potential for disputes. However, IT NEAR U will cease the supply of higher-risk items such as printers, scanners, notebooks, and custom-built computers or ANY computer hardware or equipment that features moving parts.

The primary focus of IT NEAR U will now be exclusively on continuing to provide superior IT service, consulting, advice and labour, with computer hardware sales serving as a distant tertiary support service. This strategic pivot aims to enhance operational efficiency and maintain strong client relationships without the burdens previously encountered.

Maintaining Focus

The changes in IT NEAR U‘s policy reflect a strategic adaptation to the evolving market demands and internal operational challenges. By redirecting the responsibility of purchasing back to the clients, IT NEAR U aims to streamline its services, focusing on its core competencies while minimizing financial risks and liability concerns. This policy update is pivotal for maintaining the company’s integrity and trust with its clients, ensuring that both parties clearly understand the terms of engagement and responsibilities.