Windows PC support and Troubleshooting

External USB drive backups for Windows

One of the most common issues we are faced with is customers thinking their computer is automatically backing up because their previous “IT guy” set up a backup to an external hard disk.

Usually, when we check if the backup is working, it is not as it was interrupted or was not set up correctly in the first place.

Windows do not really work well with external USB drive backups. A cloud solution is usually better.

In addition, if a single drive is used, it is highly likely that if a customer gets attacked by ransomware or some other malicious virus, the backup will be erased or encrypted as well.

We recommend Microsoft 365 for backups as the OneDrive technology works seamlessly with Windows 10 and 11. Google Drive, DropBox are also other options, but lack some of the OneDrive fail-safes.

Microsoft OneDrive backups

One of the most valuable parts of Windows 10 and 11 is the implementation and integration of a “cloud-sync” backup system.

OneDrive not only backs up your most important folders, your Documents, Desktop and Pictures (Photos), but also offers protection against ransomware.

No other cloud backup system comes close to OneDrive. It has a “Time Machine” feature that is much better than Apple’s time machine program.

It also supports Document versions, so you can go back to previous versions of a document.

Backup configuration

Whatever you require, USB, NAS (Network backups) or Cloud Backups, we can help and ensure that it is all working correctly.