We can help move your IT to a new office

Moving IT between premises can be quite a daunting experience.

All those cables, phone systems, internet, etc?

We can guide you through the process, help you move and ensure everything is plugged in and set up correctly at your new premises.

We often even find things that other IT guys were afraid to remove. So many IT companies rotate their staff so often that they never learn what is supposed to be onsite and what is to be removed. The number of times we removed up to two thirds of a client’s network equipment that had just accumulated, was drawing power, but not actually doing anything anymore!

In one office move, we even saved a customer over NZ$500 per month because his managed IT provider wasn’t checking his site at all, nor his licensing and he was paying for subscriptions he didn’t need and even had a whole rack of services gobbling over 3KWh of power that he should have been told to switch off when he moved to the cloud! He even had air-conditioning running to keep it cool!

We can assist with moving servers, computers, printers, ensure you have necessary backups prior to the move, and assist with the necessary procedures to get you up and running.