Cloud VoIP PABX Systems & Digital Phones

Still using a clunky old crackly copper-based phone system? Let us assist you with converting to a crystal-clear Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) phone system with dozens of more features for your business such as:

If you’re still attached to an old phone, we can generally get it working via the VoIP system – even old fax machines.

We also offer a large range of truly versatile phone handsets and solutions for home and small business.

Business Grade Fibre. Kiwi Support!

Not all internet fibre is created equal. We have a local Kiwi partner that does reliable, business grade fibre and phone services. Better, faster internet with Kiwi support!

When your phones or internet go down, you want to speak to someone and not be re-directed to some foreign call centre where it’s obvious someone is reading from a card and barely understands you and you can barely understand them!

We offer both VoIP and internet services that are hosted by Kiwi’s who understand you, don’t keep you waiting on hold for hours and are quick to resolve your issues.

Video Conferencing, Video Streaming & Webinar setup

We have experience with many video streaming services and products. Are you giving a presentation and want to look, sound professional?

We can assist with equipment that doesn’t let you sound like you’re talking from a shower.

We supply and install professional, pro-sumer affordable video, web-cams and sound equipment.

We also know how to improve and set up the software for all the major webinar, video conferencing services.