Mac Updates are essential. Many Apple Mac users ignore them. They protect your Mac from security threats and generally make software run better.

Unfortunately, they are not always straight-forward and if you’re impatient and don’t prepare adequately, they can go horribly wrong.

Some Macs can’t be upgraded past a certain point either, for example 2011 Macs can usually only go so far as “High Sierra” which does not have good security.

Other versions, for example “Catalina” are a massive upgrade over the “Mojave” version as it drops old Application support and will break many old programs such as old Adobe Apps, Office 2011 and older, etc.

Always seek our advice if unsure of the effect of an upgrade.

We check all the boxes and do it right.


Windows updates are generally easy to do and should always be done as they become available to protect your on-line and network security, but depending on what software you are running, they can sometimes go wrong. We can assist with recovery when this happens.

The six-month Windows feature updates can be affected by Anti-Virus software and other products. Preparations sometimes need to be made prior to upgrading.

Transferring from one Windows computer to another is generally done with a backup and reload and then restore on the new computer.

This ensures that there is no “bloatware” (promo products) on your new computer and that it is a clean, trouble-free installation of Windows.