Struggling with a Windows Computer or Mac issue?

IT company - wellington - we come to you

 IT NEAR U have skilled IT Consultants to assist you with any Windows computer, Apple Mac, MacBook issue you may be having including network and wifi problems.

We work on all types of computers including Windows PC’s, notebooks (laptops), Apple Mac, Mac Mini, MacBook and mobile devices such as Android tablets, mobile phones, Apple iPads, iPhones.

In addition, a few other things we can help with:

  • Speed up your slow computer or Mac
  • Do a health check and ensure your computer, your network and other IT work as well as possible.
  • Improve your WiFi and fix “dead spots” and slow internet connection speeds
  • Do data recovery and set up reliable backup systems
  • Fix and set up your printing, scanning and other devices working as they should
  • Worried you’ve been hacked? We can do a bank health check, security audit/check
  • We can assist with recovery of passwords and make your computer more secure
  • Remove computer viruses, spyware and malware

and so much more! We’re the IT support company near you. 

We offer computer and IT support for Home and Business – affordable labour rates too!

We make your IT work better!

We come to you at your convenience!

Call us today and book a time for one of our experienced IT consultants to come visit.

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