Windows PC support and Troubleshooting

Preparing a new computer or laptop (notebook)

IT NEAR U - Windows Supoprt and Troubleshooting

out-of-the-box brand new computers don't have the latest software

Whenever you purchase a new computer or laptop/notebook, it will usually have been on the shelf for quite a while and not have the latest version of Windows installed.

In addition, many computers come pre-loaded with software called bloatware. These are special offers that the manufacturer agrees to put on for software app developers. 

These may include Anti-Virus products, Cloud storage products or other Applications.

These can slow down the computer and cause problems as they are also usually out-of-date.

It is entirely possible that when updates are applied, the new computer may behave erratically. 

For a smooth computing experience, it is advisable to completely erase it and set it up from scratch.

This process ensures the computer experience is free from bloat and also checks the computer for any possible hardware issues.

Data migration from old to new computer

After the computer has been erased and set up with nothing but the Microsoft Windows operating system software, with the latest updates, application software and data can be set up.

With our preparation of the new computer, without all the bloat and only the software needed to be installed, the new computer will perform better than when it was purchased.

In addition, the computer will be more reliable and less susceptible to operating system update problems.

All new computers or notebooks purchased from us are prepared this way for a hassle-free user experience.