Internet Service Providers

Do you have an internet service provider company and need on-site support to service your clients?

IT near U is up to it. Contact us. You will find our rates reasonable and our support to be efficient, our technicians and consultants to be knowledgeable ensuring your customer relationship is in good hands.

National company needing local IT support?

needing local IT support for company employees?

You’re a national company and something has gone wrong at one of your local branches, or you’re short-staffed and don’t have the manpower to take care of it?

Call us. We will get your branch up and running.

needing local IT support for your customers?

You’re a national IT support company and need to extend your IT service footprint with reliable, knowledgeable, dependable consultants?

Call us. We’ll take care of your clients as if they’re one of our own and ensure that you maintain your relationship with your client.

We strive to work with service providers, not attempt to replace them establishing trust and a beneficial quid pro quo business relationship.

Rates and terms negotiable.

Contact us for rates and terms.

Client confidentiality assured.

Outsource us.

Looking forward to being an effective extension of your IT service department.