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Our company was founded by

Craven Coetzee,

an experienced, proven ICT Consultant, Business Manager, and Systems Analyst.

Craven has been involved in numerous Internet Communication Technology (ICT) and related companies over the past thirty years, his last business being one of the most successful ICT business consulting service companies in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for over twenty years (Kondura Technologies CC).

Over 80 percent of his clients were corporates consisting of some large attorney firms and accounting firms. He also managed and supported the IT for retail and manufacturing companies; many were distributors to international companies. 

Over the years, he has acquired considerable experience managing, maintaining IT infrastructure, implementing compliance, policy, privacy, disaster recovery plans, and security procedures.

He emigrated to New Zealand in January 2019, worked for a small, local “mom & pop” type mobile tech support business growing their business base and bringing a wealth of skills to their small enterprise. 

This was quite a dramatic change after running a successful business for over twenty years managing teams, projects, finance, administration, customer relations, marketing, supporting not only many Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME), but even much larger corporate, legal and financial clients.

In spite of the lack of responsibilities in the role, he made a determined effort to be positive and to keep his ICT business consulting skills relevant and fresh by continual upskilling and invested hundreds of hours in extra-curricular research, on-line courses and further self-study in ICT, cloud services, and business service management.

After a long, arduous three-year wait for his residency, on the 26th January 2022, he was finally able to take steps to regaining his independence and freedom. 

On the 2nd March 2022 he founded IT NEAR U LIMITED to once again go out on his own and carve his own path in New Zealand.

To those that know him, it is not in his nature to just slap a band-aid on something and just fix an issue as it presents itself. He gets to the root of the cause and attempts to implement systems and procedures to prevent it from happening again. He inspires this business ethos in his employees to ensure client systems run smoothly and configuration and support across clients is consistent.

Craven is an IT enthusiast. He does what he does because he derives great satisfaction in making his client’s IT systems and processes work better.

Our goal is to grow the business, train up Kiwi techs, employ the best consultants and offer the best ICT service and support possible in the Wellington region, and then consider expanding to the rest of New Zealand.

Join us on our journey with the IT computer support company near you, IT near U.

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part of Craven’s technical family team #cats 🙂

brought all the way from South Africa to New Zealand