Our founder has over a decade of experience as a Microsoft Clean Reseller and Microsoft Licensing Partner.

There are many IT companies out there giving incorrect advice on licensing, some through sheer ignorance, some through a desire to undercut and get the client at all costs.

They bend the rules to get the deal and ultimately end up costing the client more in labour costs to fix their mess created by supplying and installing the incorrect license, using “tricks” and “exploits” to bend the rules to make a license work in a way it is not supposed to.

Sometimes they cut corners to “save costs”, but end up costing their clients hundreds of dollars in support costs by supplying inappropriate licenses.

We’ve seen IT companies try to exploit the Microsoft licensing guidelines by supplying 1 x Business Standard License, activating it on five computers, and then supplying four less expensive (and inadequate) Business Basic licenses. This may work for a short while, but requires a lot more management and is susceptible to all sorts of issues with security – costing the client a lot more than if they’d just been advised the correct licenses in the first place.

They tell their clients that “they’re saving them costs” and that it’s a “grey area”. It’s not. It does not save money long-term. It only makes money for the IT company as they usually have to keep sending their techs back to keep the incorrect licensing working.

We’ve seen gross ignorance and attempt to cut licensing fees by using Microsoft Exchange “Shared Mailboxes” as primary mailboxes.

We don’t cut corners. We don’t bend the rules. We don’t attempt to exploit the licensing process or licensing installation.

We advise on the correct license the first time. We ensure that you are compliant and your Office / Microsoft 365 experience is a pleasant, uninterrupted one.

Have e-mail issues?

Have SharePoint issues?

Constantly getting security error messages, not being logged into the correct user in OneDrive?

Let us check your licensing. Call us to do an audit to ensure you’ve been advised correctly.

When Microsoft 365 Business is set up correctly, it generally requires limited management.

If your experience is anything other, you probably either have an installation issue or licensing issue.