Still doing business with a GMAIL account, or an XTRA account, or hosting your mail (insecurely) with the same people that do your domain /or website, we can help you secure your mail system, make it more efficient, get it working seamlessly with your Apple, or PC and phones or tablets.

We are experts in Office 365 planning, implementation and migrations. We have done thousands of mailbox migrations and can give you the advice you need to work efficiently.

Build a brand. Build an identity. Nothing looks quite as amateur as a person using an @XTRA, or account for business. It looks even worse when it’s not even your full name, but something that google chose for you and contains obscure letters and numbers.

While GMAIL and addresses do at least offer pretty okay security options to secure your account (if you use them), the same cannot be said for hosting your mail with your internet service provider or website host (if you have one).

An identity, a pseudo “brand” from your e-mail follows you everywhere, on Teams, on Zoom, and if it’s not unique, you won’t be remembered and for repeat business, you generally want clients and customers to remember you!

Branding your business via a DOMAIN name reservation shows that you’re committed to your brand and not a fly-by-night operation.

Fortunately, you can improve your image by claiming a domain, an internet address which you can also use on a website. We can advise and set all this up for you.
With our help your business can be a brand and finally be
and your e-mail can be

Office 365 mail & services
So you have an e-mail and website domain, but now you have skimped and are using some cheap and very insecure IMAP or POP3 e-mail address. It takes a few seconds to hack your username and password out of Outlook if you’re using one of these cheap mail hosts.

If you’re not looking to get hacked, and also want the added benefit of one of the most efficient scheduling calendar systems in the world, you are going to need to subscribe to an enterprise class mailbox to keep appointments and keep your client communications secure.

In addition to that, you’re going to need decent backups of your documents, desktop and perhaps all your photos and artwork, so included with the Office 365 BUSINESS BASIC is an e-mail address and one of the best backup services in the world.

Contact us and we can advise on how to step up your security, your time scheduling, and just generally “step up your game”.

We can make it all work together seamlessly, access your PC docs, pictures and other files on your phone and vice versa.