Internet Monitoring, Employee Internet Restricting & Monitoring

Almost all ransomware attacks are due to human error, missing something obvious, clicking on a link and giving a hacker access to your network.

In a work environment, if you wish to protect the confidentiality and security of your clients, you need to limit the damage that your employees could accidently do to your business.

We offer a service which allow for detailed web monitoring and restrictions.

Internet Monitoring, Employee Internet Restricting & Monitoring

Everyone talks about “the firewall”.

The firewall is only a small part of protecting your business. Most simple routers have a firewall. They’re only as good as the software / firmware that they run on.

A second, more robust Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) with managed monitoring is recommended for clients that deal with sensitive info as well as a good, strong, well configured firewall.

Then, there are the security updates that are critical to Mac and Windows computers and the side-effects they sometimes create.

We can greatly reduce your exposure to the internet with the systems and services we provide.

Anti-Virus & Internet Security systems

A good anti-virus and internet security system on client workstations, phones and other devices can prevent and mitigate the rampant spread of a ransomware attack or virus spreading. 

Good monitoring and training is paramount to using an antivirus internet security system effectively.

Rules, Policies, Procedures and Training

It’s important for employees to understand “why” they are limited, and have sufficient training to reduce the opportunity of a hacker using social engineering on them.

If the employee is better prepared, your business security is immediately that much secure.

We can review your business, patch obvious holes in your security and improve your over-all IT security.

We do this via a combination of software, procedure and policy implementation, training and ongoing management and monitoring of your systems.