How to prep ESET for first-time use & Windows updates

Many issues with printers, web pages, etc are caused by an incorrectly configured firewall. We recommend ESET anti-virus because it has great Internet security, banking security, won’t slow your computer down as many other antivirus products do and it also has a great automated learning and setup tool. We are going to show you how to temporarily activate the “Learning Mode” so your firewall auto-configures itself over a few days.

One other major bonus? It has local support in New Zealand! Call IT NEAR U to get ESET Internet Security today and join over 110 million other happy users!

Unfortunately, most IT companies or end-users don’t run antivirus setups correctly the first time or advise on doing this prior to installing Windows Updates,  and suddenly things that used to work, don’t work correctly.

The solution? After the first-time install and prior to installing Windows Updates, set ESET into “Learning” mode for a few days. This is how to do it.

Check your windows toolbar (at the bottom right of the screen near the clock) and double-left click on the little “ESET Security” icon

Then, single left-click on the Advanced Settings

Then, on the left menu, single left-click and open the “Detection Engine” menu.

single left-click on HIPS item and then on the right, scroll down to the “HIPS Settings”. Under Filtering mode, change it to “Learning Mode” and then the “Mode set after learning mode expiration”, select “Automatic”

Then, on the left menu, single left-click and open the “Network Protection” menu.

single left-click on Firewall item. On the right menu, open the Basic menu by single left-clicking on it.

Set the filtering mode to “Learning Mode”

Then, below that, open the Learning Mode settings and set the “Mode set after learning mode expiration” to “Automatic” as well.

Now, click the OK option. And click the X at the top right to close the ESET menu.

If you are prompted with a window “do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer” – click “yes” or “allow” – The learning mode will switch off automatically after a few days after it has adjusted to your new settings.

Use the computer a bit and as you use it, you will see “rules” being created”. If this is annoying, click on the notifications and select “Disable notifications”

This procedure will greatly reduce issues with printers not being detected, and programs freezing up and alleviate some issues with most Windows Updates. A video is available here of the entire process.