Sometimes a Windows or Mac update goes wrong and you can’t access your files.

Sometimes a hard disk begins to fail and Windows or your Mac won’t boot up.

We can help. We have a good toolkit to recover files, folders, photos.

Failing our forensic tools, we have business partners who have a lab that can perform intensive data recovery.

If your computer is slow and making a ticking, scraping noise, switch it off immediately, then call us.

If your computer is slow and you’re worried the drive containing your data may be failing, try make a full backup to an external drive. Then shut it down and call us. If you need help with this, we can assist.

Usually when a drive begins to fail, you get weird file access errors, Windows or your Mac may take a looong time to start and/or it just hangs / locks up. Don’t ignore this. Call us.


So, you’ve got a shiny new Apple Mac and want your data transferred to the new unit and don’t want to miss anything in the transfer? Call us.

You’ve got a new iPhone, Samsung or other Android smartphone or tablet and want to safely transfer everything across and clean out the old device? Call us.

Windows migrations are generally done a bit differently. We can help with that as well.


We can set up Time Machine correctly on your Mac or assist with an external USB backup on your Windows computer.

External USB hard disk backups need to have a minimum of two drives to be effective as they don’t protect you effectively against ransomware viruses/malware.

We usually recommend a cloud backup with OneDrive, a service of Microsoft 365 for complete piece of mind.

We can assist with all these options and more.