Initial IT infrastructure Setup & Advice

Internet Domain Registration and Configuration

We can assist with reserving and managing your business name and address on the internet. Have a real world presence and internet address at

Modern, Secure e-Mail and Calendar System

setting up a professional, reliable, secure cloud e-Mail and Calendar system with either GSUITE or Microsoft 365 Enterprise Cloud Services.

Be and project a professional business image with a secure business e-mail. It’s not as expensive as you think and comes with a host of extra value services.

Be taken seriously. Nothing screams “amateur” and “non-commitment” more than using an or or e-mail address for your business.

Professional Website with Advice on how to get the best SEO ratings

a simple, but effective start-up website for your business. If you need something more advanced than a 5 to 9 page start-up site telling your customers who you are, we have partners that can assist with anything you need.

e-Mail set-up and troubleshooting.

We recommend moving to a secure cloud system and using it correctly as the ecosystem is intended to be used. If you’re using GSUITE with Microsoft Outlook Desktop client, you’re doing it wrong. Exchange Online is a Microsoft 365 service that we most often recommend as they have (in our opinion), the best (and most useful) value-added services that offer really good integration.

Mail Migration from an old e-mail system to GSUITE or Microsoft 365 Online.

We will ensure all your e-mail is transferred smoothly and that your mobiles, PC’s, tablets, Macs all work in harmony