We strive to offer the best IT support, computer repairs and IT services for Home and Business in Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Kapiti Coast.

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We are consultants and advisors, first and foremost. “Salespeople” and “pushing sales” are not what drive our business growth or long-term strategy. We listen carefully and then advise on the most practical, cost-effective solution.

We offer managed services. Many of our competitors don’t understand what this means. We don’t attempt to “control” every aspect of your IT. We manage your IT. We don’t control it. You maintain control. If we lack a particular IT skill to do a project, we will recommend a reputable contractor and work with them, assist as necessary to ensure it is implemented correctly.

We are not some re-active “mobile IT fire-fighting service”, rather we place preventative maintenance, fail-over, and redundancy systems first and foremost in our IT system designs and solutions. We don’t like putting out so-called “IT fires”. We prefer they don’t happen in the first place and implement systems to prevent them.

We believe technology should be beneficial, not a hindrance to getting your job done, or keeping your business running smoothly.

We try to make the IT systems we promote or configure work with the client, not force the client to adjust to the way the IT system works. 

We don’t sell or suggest anything to our clients that we wouldn’t trust to use in our business. We never drop our standards. We don’t put band-aids on issues. We offer long-term solutions. We never undercut, nor take shortcuts. We do the job right.

We believe in the value we provide over our competitors. Our solutions will be fairly priced, reliable, and designed to be as future-proof as possible. We don’t undercut. We don’t take shortcuts. We offer an affordable, fair, market-related, and valued service. We believe in Quid Pro Quo relationships and are not driven purely by profit.

Our goal is to limit your business downtime and increase your productivity by providing good quality, correctly configured, routinely maintained, and monitored IT systems and services.

For our business consulting division, we are interested in customer satisfaction with long-term relationships with a select group of clients.

All our consultants and mobile techs are carefully screened and are highly qualified and experienced. They are carefully selected for their particular role with mandatory regular upskilling and training.

You may rest assured that the employee that we assign to your IT problem will be the right person for the task, not just someone who “happens to be available”