Virus Removal Services – Have you been Hacked?

Protecting Your Digital Life and Financial Health

IT NEAR U excels with its track record for its virus removal services. Threats like viruses and scammers are just a click away. That’s where IT NEAR U comes in, offering comprehensive Virus Removal Services that do more than just clean your computer. Moreover, we extend our reach to cover financial health checks, essential for anyone who has fallen victim to a scammer. Our services cover the Greater Wellington Region, ensuring you’re protected, whether you’re in Wellington, Porirua, the Hutt Valley, or up the Kapiti Coast.

Financial Health Checks: More than Just Virus Removal Services

When a scam hits you, your bank might lock your account until they’re certain your computer is uncompromised. IT NEAR U goes beyond Virus Removal Services to offer financial health checks, internet security checks, making sure you can resume your banking activities securely. As Steve Jobs once said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Well, he meant something a bit different, but still, we strive to change your world, ensuring it’s secure and scam-free.

Intrusion Prevention Systems: Double-Layer Security

While our skills with removing malware and other virus threats are probably rated among the best in Wellington, why not protect yourself further? Why settle for basic antivirus when you can have a full-fledged Intrusion Prevention System? Our solutions come with built-in cloud-managed anti-virus and anti-phishing protection. It’s not just about Virus Removal Services; it’s about setting a security net that catches threats before they infiltrate. In addition to our virus removal services, and supply of ESET Anti-Virus Internet Security, we also have comprehensive IT services on our portfolio to protect you, and your family from online threats.

ESET Internet Security Authorized Reseller & Business Partner | ITnearU.nzESET Internet Security: Your Trusted Partner

As an authorized ESET Internet Security Business Partner and Reseller, we manage this crucial subscription on your behalf. Therefore, you can focus on your work, knowing your computer’s defenses are up-to-date and robust. Our virus removal services are backed by access to the latest threats and security information to resolve your computer issues promptly and efficiently.

Cove Data Protection: Beyond Traditional Backups

Believe it or not, services like SharePoint and OneDrive are not true backups. Microsoft doesn’t guarantee the safety of your data stored there. As an authorized Cove Data Protection Business Partner, we offer cloud backups for your local PCs, servers, and even Office 365 online services, covering SharePoint, Exchange Online, and OneDrive.

Regular Health Checks: Schedule routine virus removal services

Last but not least, our General Computer Health Check, Disk clean-up, Optimization and IT Services also encompass routine health checks. Conducting these at least once a year is an excellent way to preemptively combat threats, maintaining your system’s longevity.

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