Assistance with Smart Home Devices

Hey, Google! Alexa? Hey, Siri! Ok, Google?

Alexa? Who installs Smart Home devices?

IT near U, of course!

Do you need help setting up your TPLink Kasa or Tapo, your Xiaomi, Wyze, Philips Hue, Samsung Smarthings, Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri or other smart products?

ITnearU installs these and many more. We have your back. We understand how it all works together and what appliances work, are compatible with each other, which require special equipment, and which don’t.

Ok, Google! Who installs smart lights & plugs?

Not only do we install these new technologies, but we can assist in showing you how to get the best use out of them.

Ok, Google! What’s the weather like today?

Ok, Google! Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Ok, Google! Switch the front lamp on.

Ok, Google! dim the lights to 25 percent.

Ok, Google! Show me the front door camera.

Ok, Google, play “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons on the living room speaker.

Ok, Google! Remind me to call ITnearU next month!
These are just some of the useful things you can do with a smart device.

They have moved way beyond gimmicks and are now very useful appliances.

We can set up and show you how to best use this exciting new tech.

Got an AppleTV or a Chromecast? We can install, set up and train you how that works too!

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YouTube video