Q Someone called saying they’re from the bank and that I have hackers on my computer and they need to access it?


No bank, internet service provider, no mobile service provider, no financial company, or Microsoft or Google will ever phone to access your computer.

NO-ONE from these companies will ever ask to access your computer.

It’s a scam to steal money from you.

These are usually scammers at call centers (usually located in another country) trying to get into your PC.

Note that they can even appear to be calling from the company they claim to be from by using a technique to fool your phone called “spoofing”.

Do not ever permit anyone who calls you to access your computer.

Don’t ever allow people like this to pressure you. They use all sorts of fear-mongering and strong-arm tactics to manipulate you. Tell them to give you their number and that your IT company (us) will call them back if you ever feel intimidated or stressed.

Any reputable company will give you this information. Don’t allow them onto your computer. Hang up the phone!

If you have let someone into your computer, let them access it remotely, let them access your bank or other accounts, contact your bank immediately, then call us.