PSA - email scam - The current password for your account expires today.

An apparent "Microsoft e-mail" warning you that your password is expiring, to click link to "Keep Same Password"

Received from (may be different if you receive this): [email protected]

Format: Appears to be from Microsoft (has logo at top)

Subject: Final Notification on Expiring Notice for “account name”

Text in the body of the e-mail (may vary):

Hello user,

The current password for your account expires today.

If you want to keep your current password, click the button below

“Keep Same Password”

Note: New messages may be delayed if the preceding action is not conducted.

e-mail format appears similar to the image format below:

NOTES: Microsoft will never ask you to reset your password via an e-mail, nor will they warn you that your password is expiring via an e-amil, nor will they request you update payment information or enter credit card details via a link in an e-mail.

Most admin / IT support requests are handled in the portal and except for the odd attached PDF invoice (which you will ONLY get if you are the authorized billing administrator for your company), you will always be directed to the Microsoft Portal or your Account page and make any updates there, not to click a link in an e-mail.

DO NOT CLICK ANY BUTTONS (the yellow one in the example below) OR ANY LINKS IN THE EMAIL

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